Buy the Book   The Diary of Jasmine Grace: Trafficked. Recovered. Redeemed.

Jasmine Grace founded BOH as a way to reach out to vulnerable women in a practical way. Women who are living on the streets or in programs throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire are given Bags filled with basic items that we take for granted everyday. In collaboration with programs serving women affected by trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness, Bags of Hope is driven by the community. Many different groups of people are donating the items, filling the bags and handing them out! By doing this we let the women know there is a better way, they are treasured, loved by Jesus, and that we are here to help.

Bags Filled

Items Per Bag

Books Donated

Needs For Each Bag

Women's Socks

Tampons & Pads


Tooth Paste & Brush

12 oz Shampoo & Conditioner

Bag of Trail Mix


Nail Polish

Package of Baby Wipes

Hair Brush & Elastics

Winter Hat, Gloves & Scarf

Bar of Soap

$5 Dunkin Donut Gift Cards

Notes of Encouragement

What many do not know is that homeless and or addicted women have not just made poor decisions but oftentimes are victims of unforeseen circumstances. Many have been traumatized, victimized, and suffer from untreated mental illness and substance abuse.

There are resource cards in every Bag to let them know, there is another way. And that they can have Hope because, if we can make it off the streets and find a new life – so can they.

To host a BOH event, donation drive, or to make note cards: