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As survivors of the commercial sex trade, we offer a unique and powerful perspective about what it takes to recover from the damage done by “the life.” With humor, grace and professionalism, we are available to speak at women’s conferences, keynote at galas/fundraisers, sit on a panel with other experts, or train professionals about sex trafficking red flags and prevention strategies.
We also offer “commitment style” meetings for women’s recovery programs. We love to share our experience, strength, and hope with women in early recovery.

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As survivors of the commercial sex trade, addiction, and trauma, the JGO Team are effective keynote speakers, panel participants, and facilitators for trainings, workshops, and groups. These dedicated women are available to speak at events to help prevent, educate and bring awareness to the world of addiction, sexual exploitation, and recovery. We want to speak up for those who are in need of help and hope. We also want to help educate those who are looking to get involved and volunteer.

Jasmine Grace has given a great gift to so many by her testimony of being sex trafficked! Her story emphasizes that anyone, anywhere can fall prey to being trafficked—crossing all socio-economic and educational lines. Jasmine proves it truly does happen to the girl next door! She exudes passion as she describes her personal details of her painful ordeal, while explaining ‘getting out of the life’ isn’t as easy as some may think. Whomever hears Jasmine, undoubtedly will be powerfully impacted, all with the hope they will embrace eradication of this heinous crime as a cause they will help in and support.

Deb O’Hara Rusckowski, RN, MBA, MTS
Delegate for the Order of Malta to the United Nations
Co-Founder of Global Strategic Operatives

Jasmine has an ability to connect with students from middle school to university, in an age appropriate way that helps demystify the myths and stereotypes, in a way that does not invoke fear, but rather empowers students with education and inspiration. Students learn how trafficking may happen, but also that there are resources. Students learn that although you may experience things in life, it is part of your story, not your identity. Everyone has a story and there is hope. .
We have partnered with Jasmine for trainings with Service Providers such as, Medical, EMS, Law Enforcement and social workers. She speaks and trains with authority, kindness and realness that helps service providers understand the dynamics of trafficking and exploitation. Often after her talks service providers can connect with things they have seen or responded to but may not have identified as trafficking. Jasmine empowers them with grace and hope that spurs them on to have better interactions with survivors in the future.

Oscar Delgado
Outreach Coordinator
New England Coalition Against Trafficking (NECAT)

Jasmine possesses the rare ability to effectively communicate with a wide array of audiences. She simultaneously engages the mind and heart with her storytelling, offering practical ways to engage even a highly complex issue like human trafficking. Beyond her speaking ability, I also respect and appreciate who Jasmine is and the joyful, steady, authentic presence she brings to all that she does.

Sarah Jensen Travis
Program Coordinator
New England Coalition Against Trafficking (NECAT)